I knowHow many times have you heard someone say, “I know” when in reality they didn’t. Its a simple phrase, yet people use it all the time without thinking. When you are discussing a topic with a person, often they say “I know” and do you ever wonder if they really do know what you are speaking about? Many times children are busy playing video games, riding their bikes, throwing a ball around or fooling with something when you ask “Aren’t you supposed to be doing your homework?” Their reply is “I know, I will finish in a minute” which usually leads to nagging until they reluctantly agree to do their homework. Have you ever been speaking to a co-worker explaining something and they are nodding their head repeating, “I know.” Then  when they are left to complete the task or project, they have no clue because they really weren’t paying attention and didn’t listen. Sometimes “I know” is a useless phrase. People use it so often have you ever wondered why? I think its because their minds drift off and they aren’t really interested in either you or the topic you are discussing. How about when a spouse or parent asks how a job hunt is going and the reply is “I know what I’m doing. I’ll find a position soon” when in reality they haven’t even looked for a suitable opening. Even in the Good Gus Series, children respond with “I know” when they really don’t or can’t be bothered.  As the cold nights and occasion loss of electricity make the winter seem dreary, light the candles and give a Good Gus Series book to the child or children in your life.  It will make the winter less dismal.