bears with mumkindness with animalschildren hugging What is love? Everyone has their own definition of what love really is. There must be at least one million books around the world discussing love, defining it, teaching people if its real, and all the different types that currently exist. Obviously, the love between a parent and child is strong and special. The unspoken bond and love that abounds cannot be measured or even described.  Sibling love can be positive or negative.  How many books have you read, movies or TV shows that you have seen, where the plot is about sibling rivalry?  There are families that get along until the adult children get married. The dynamics change and so do the relationships.  I know of a few families whose dynamics changed so drastically that they are no longer even speaking.  The husband or wife may have issues, including jealousy, resentment, not being treated as an equal and so on.  They then put pressure on their partners and before you know it, the families no long associate with one another.  Of course, if any family member has the trait of being greedy, all is lost.  It doesn’t matter whether the parents are alive or deceased, the greedy individual will take advantage and in many instances the inheritance that was hoped to be divided equally will disappear.  I have written about this in my book “Misplaced Trust.”  Best friend love is unique.  The best friends seem to stand by each other, including marriages, divorces, children, financial difficulties and health issues.  They are the best type of friend to have.  Young people fall in and out of love.  Each person they meet they believe is the one until someone else appears.  I once worked with a few younger women and they were all in and out of love except one.  She was always asking the question, “What is real love?”  She would ask anyone who would reassure her that she would find her soul mate.  While having an affair with her boss, she would ring him and ask him the same question.  His wife always thought it was about business.  When her husband wouldn’t participate in a family activity and was on the phone with whom she thought was his assistant discussing business, the reality was that it was her love topic.  I know because on the few occasions I worked late when the boss was not in the office, I heard the conversations.  Many people love their pets.  They treat them as part of the family  and make sure they are in good health with regular visits to the veterinarian.  There is also the love of food.  Some people go overboard in that area.  In the Good Gus Series, the readers can clearly enjoy the positive relationships in the story lines.  Don’t forget, if you have no idea about a Christmas gift, a book is always an easy option.