1-gus2-300x2401-150x150-large988406_565039846922270_34848742_nDuring the holiday season everyone wants and tries to do the right thing, but what about the rest of the year? In the Good Gus Series, the first page has the same lines one of which says; “He is a good Sheriff because he always does the right thing.” Why is it so easy for people to do the right thing during the holiday season but the rest of the time its less appealing. Doing the right thing is not so simple for everyone. Sometimes I think people rationalize in their minds if they do the wrong thing by convincing themselves that even though its wrong,  its fine this time. There are people that simply can’t do the right thing. I am not sure if its in their DNA or they just don’t care. I saw on the news that a man was arrested and admitted to killing forty-one people. He said he had no remorse. Clearly it was wrong yet the right thing did not exist in his mind. Do you ever wonder how people think when they do something wrong and when you call them on it, their explanation sounds plausible to them but unbelievable to you? It’s like doing a good deed; it is a way of thinking. I also read today about a woman who walked into a Toys R Us store and paid for all the gifts people had on lay away. Not only was it a good deed, but to her it was the right thing to do. There are only two week-ends left for Christmas shopping. Beat the crowds, the weather and guess work, and choose a book from the Good Gus Series. Who knows, “The Special Gift” could start a new tradition of reading for your family.