There has been a great deal of controversy about dog food. Problems of salmonella has resulted in several recalls of dog food.  Many people make their own which is what I used to do when I had dogs.  There is also the discussion about feeding your dogs raw meat.  Again, there is the high probability of germs, salmonella, and more.  One year for the holidays, my family and I went to visit my in-laws who lived in an apartment.  We had to travel to see them and, of course, brought the dogs.  At that time I had two Dobermans, a mother and son.  We placed them in a kennel near the in-laws that was surrounded by trees and lots of grass.  We were assured that they would be fine.  After we returned home, the son, Smokey, began to appear sick.  I hadn’t changed his routine or his dog food.  So I drove one hour to an older vet I knew.  He tested him and said his kidneys were failing and he was operating at three percent.  He gave me a diet for him that I started immediately.  I also used this recipe for my granddaughter’s dog because she hates dog food. It’s efficient but takes a little effort.  You can make it in whatever quantity you prefer.  I started with a large pan.  I  cut up and browned some onions in a large pan.  I also browned any of the following: chicken lives, beef livers, or any cuts of inexpensive meats.  I removed the meats and put them aside.  I then added boiling water and whatever amount of rice you might need for several days of food.  You can also include carrots or any vegetable your pet might like.  I included chicken bouillon for extra flavor.  I did salt the meat.  Once the rice was close to being finished, I added the meat so it had a good flavor.  My dog improved dramatically and lived a few more years.  My granddaughter’s dog is thriving. So, if you are tired of recalls and want to lower your pet’s food bill, try my recipe.  It really works.  In the Good Gus series there were very few dogs.  If you think about it, how did they feed their dogs?  The series is online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is also online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Lately everyone is obsessed with germs. There are wipes in the stores, but none of the disinfectant types. People are wearing masks and gloves even though the rate of new cases has dropped significantly around the globe.  The fear of catching any germs now has heightened.  It’s almost as if we have all become Mr. Monk from the series, ‘Monk.’  He had a phobia about germs.  His assistants always had to be fully equipped with wipes.  He would need one if he touched someone, something or he was touched.  His fear of germs extended to his home in that he vacuumed several times a day, wiped everything down, and was particular about any item that was in his apartment.  It was an interesting series.  When my children were young and it was flu season, the schools would really worry about germs.  They didn’t wear masks, but they weren’t allowed to touch the banisters walking up and down the stairs.  They were wiped by the janitor numerous times a day.  There are probably many countries that do not have the luxury of wipes, extra alcohol or any type of sterilization products available to them.  Chefs are extremely careful about germs when cooking.  They avoid cross contamination and have surfaces cleaned frequently not to mention constantly washing their hands.  As the summer progresses, the germs will be destroyed by the heat and everyone may be able to breathe a little easier.  In the Good Gus series, I never wrote about germs.  I felt that the children had to deal with sickness in real life and that stories were for stimulating their imaginations and giving them a break.  One last thought.  Today is the birthday of the real Rev. Glenn.  Happy Birthday! The series is online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is also online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

With the flu and the coronavirus looming, it’s a good idea to use sanitizers. Many groceries have them to wipe down the trolleys.  As their primary ingredient is alcohol, they are well worth the price and protection.  Whenever I go into a store now, I either wear gloves, bring my own sanitizers or use theirs.  There seems to be a steady supply as they aren’t interested in sick customers.  They are useful in everyday life.  If you are flying, particularly long distance, wipes should be used to wipe down your immediate area.  After I read an article about all the germs attached to flyers and magazines on planes, I no longer touch or read them.  Computers are full of germs.  They should be wiped down frequently particularly if other people use it.  Miss Patty uses a disinfectant spray in the office.  The man we work with is not the cleanest or sanitary person on the planet.  You should also wipe your phone everyday.  The germs from your hands, the air, your face, and even your hair need to be wiped off.  When I cook I don’t use sanitizers but I do wash my hands with liquid soap probably about ten times per meal.  I now buy the large refills to keep the kitchen and bathrooms full.  Most sanitizers are inexpensive and I see many individuals buy the type that can be attached to a purse, briefcase or suitcase.  There were less worries in Pecos and there wasn’t a real need for sanitizers.  Miss Patty will be at Balboa Park, San Diego tomorrow with hard copies of the Good Gus series  and of course, her credit card machine.  The base has promised the final payment for all sold books by the end of this month.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Hard copies are still available at the UPS Store in Tierrasanta, California with online at Nook, Kindle, and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust”  is still online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

There are so many germs that it is impossible not to catch illnesses.  What makes it impossible is that germs are everywhere.  For example, in and around your kitchen sink including the faucets is a major location. You may touch raw meat or fish and then turn the faucet on to wash your hands.  The contamination from raw items are left behind on the handles.  I always try to use my elbow or a paper towel to turn it on and then use a second paper towel to push the soap onto my hands.  Most individuals don’t realize that cross contamination is extremely easy.  The same is true if you use a cutting board.  I like the plastic type as soap washes on and off easier than wood which can still retain the germs.  If you have a hand can opener have you ever noticed that while opening the can the teeth tend to touch the meat or fish?  I always wash mine after I open anything.  The kitchen sponge can really carry germs.  I wash and bleach mine and never use the same sponge more than one day.  I also dry them on high in the dryer as it will kill any other germs that may remain.  The obvious which we all know, but many ignore, are TV’s, tablets, our phones and the remote.  They all need to be wiped down periodically to wipe away all the germs.  In the Good Gus series these same germs existed except for the ones pertaining to technology.  Miss Patty had a good day at Balboa Park.  You would be surprised at how many families love the series.  It is still online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones with hard copies at the UPS Store in Tierrasanta, California.  “Misplaced Trust” is also online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Many years ago, a friend of mine who was a chemical engineer, told me to never refill  plastic water bottles.  Suddenly, there are articles about the unhealthy refilling of plastic water bottles. The chemical used in plastic known as BPA can leach into the cracks in the bottle and is harmful for your health.  You may think you are economizing when you refill, but it is not benefiting your health.  In addition, there are estrogenic chemicals that can affect hormonal balance.  In a study by the State of New York University at Fredonia, it was discovered that approximately ninety-three percent of all reused bottles were contaminated.  What surprises me about refilling plastic water bottles is that no one thought about the germs from your mouth.  As you drink, seal the cap and redrink, you are adding germs.  If you allow someone else to take a sip from your water bottle, you are contaminating it even further.  Mononucleosis used to be referred to as the ‘kissing disease.’  Unfortunately, you can catch it now in a variety of ways including drinking fountains, sipping on another person’s drink, etc.  Frankly, I prefer glass.  However, if you love plastic, find the waters that are in BPA free containers or purchase a stainless steel bottle.  Plastic was available during the era of the Good Gus series but it was not utilized.  There is no real data as to when plastic water bottles were invented or even became popular.  Remember the series is available on Kindle, Waterstones and hard copies at the UPS Store, Tierrasanta, California.  Grab a cool drink, but not from a BPA plastic water bottle, and read “Misplaced Trust” online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

When we are at the gym working out, there are a surprising number of annoyances of gym habits that people need to eliminate. First off the people who tend to grunt and groan when they lift weights that are clearly too heavy for them.  Then they let them smash to the floor.   I was once told that this type of gym habit emanates from individuals who have previous been in prison.  Many people find it annoying that the other participants receive phone calls and then carry on lengthy conversations.  The polite and considerate thing to do would be to remove yourself from the exercise and weight areas.  Next would be the individuals who sweat all over the equipment and then don’t wipe it down.  All gyms have either wipes or a spray with paper towels. It is revolting when you decide to move to another machine and you see a person finishing, dripping sweat, and then walk away.  It requires extra cleaning. Leaving the weights off the rack and scattered about the floor seems almost lazy.  No one’s mother is there to pick up after them.  Lastly, going to the gym while sick.  Not only is it bad for you but you then pass your germs to everyone who is there trying to become healthy.  In the Good Gus series, there were no bad gym habits because there were no gyms.  The citizens of Pecos had their own personal workouts farming, black smiting, tending to cattle, etc.  Available on Kindle, it is an ideal choice for a positive influence on young readers.  It is also available at the UPS store in Tierrasanta, California.  If the characters in “Misplaced Trust” had spent more time at the gym, they might have lived longer.  If you are the administrator for a trust, the book is an ideal read. You can find it at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

  Germs are everywhere. There is no escaping them.  It is particularly worse in the winter.  In areas where the weather is chilly or freezing, everyone is indoors so much that without airing out the home, the germs fester.  In order to avoid sickness from anyone carrying germs, here are a few tips.  If affordable, try to squeeze your own orange or grapefruit juice.  It is full of Vitamin C and minus the extra sugar that many store bought juices include.  If you like a little zing, add a small amount of  beetroot and carrots.  This will also help if you have inflammation.  Another tip that cold expert Alanna Levine, M.D. recommends is designating areas that are “sick zones.”  By limiting the areas that coughing and sneezing individuals can spread their germs and infect you, it will reduce illness in your home.  My late father-in-law believed in airing out the house everyday.  He was rarely sick.  If you have young children, teach them how to contain their germs when they sneeze.  They generally cannot reach a tissue fast enough.  Sleep is also very important.  Not only does it heal the body, but it keeps you from being run down and available for sickness.  Lastly, eucalyptus has real germ fighting benefits.  You can hang a bundle from your local flower shop in your shower to help ward off illness and stress.  Germs followed by sickness was not part of the Good Gus series.  Available on Kindle, there was a doctor in Pecos, Dr. Moore.  He treated everyone in town and at Ft. Stockton.  If you are tired of the same old books and are looking for a change pace, please consider “Misplaced Trust.”  It is available at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.






There are a few things in life that are contagious such as sickness, yawns, and even smiles. When an individual is ill, they often go to work and contaminate everyone else.  Even though they know it is wrong and possibly have paid sick time, they do it anyways.  Before you know it, the staff is sick and the smart people stay home until they are well again.  The contagious person seems to feel that they need to make a point that they will be in the workplace regardless of their health.  They may also be afraid that another co-worker will do their job and perform it in a more cost effective manner, thereby eliminating their slot.  Either way, it is a lack of consideration for the others in the company.  What is worse is that anyone of the individuals working may have a child with an autoimmune disease which could cause serious problems.  That particular individual could lose days from work, possible income, and end up paying medical costs.  Audrey Hepburn said that there were two types of people in the world; those with consideration and those without.  She was clearly correct.  Often individual’s actions lead to other consequences for innocent people.  In my friend’s office, more than once she has told her employer who came in sick, to go home and recover.  He felt it was necessary to be there, yet he didn’t accomplish anything except spread his germs and make her ill along with her father-in-law.  Sometimes individuals’ expressions become contagious.  For example, a person may be watching a sad movie and a character begins to look very unhappy.  If you observe the individual you will frequently see them with the same expression of their face.  Smiles are very contagious and should always be passed on as frequently as possible to everyone you meet and deal with on a daily basis.  Sometimes a person can be having a really rough day and your warm smile can turn it around for them even if only for a few minutes.  Many people believe that if a person has a handicap they may catch it.  It is more in the thoughts of ignorant adults as opposed to children.  When Katie is introduced in the Good Gus Series, book twenty-two, “The Field Trip,” the children at the school stare at her and wonder about her.  The story does not imply that they will catch anything from her.  However, that is what most children think unless they have been taught otherwise.  There are five books available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  Once family members begin fighting it becomes contagious.  Don’t let it affect you.  Instead read “Misplaced Trust’ which is also available on Kindle, Nook, Apple and several other e-book websites.

sickEveryone hates being sick. What is worse is that the people who are sick and contagious spread their germs everywhere. Have you ever noticed when you are at work a co-worker will start complaining about a sore throat? The next thing you know they are out for a day and then return while still contagious and spread their germs around. Why do they feel its necessary to let everyone know how much they are sacrificing to go into work? When you ask them, why didn’t you stay home? What answers to do you receive? “Oh, I couldn’t let you do my work for me; I don’t want to miss any days because I will lose my holiday time; I’m better off here as its boring at home, etc.” All ridiculous reasons. I almost feel like their attitude is that they are more important than anyone else and it just doesn’t matter if you get sick. Its  as if you lose your holiday time, so what? Their lives are the only ones that count. Once you do get sick, you feel miserable,  and end up staying home. Then, the formerly sick individual that infected you, can confidently say to the other workmates and even your boss,  that you don’t care as much about your job as they do.  When in reality, you are a considerate, decent person not wishing to given anyone else a sickness. Then there are the people who are sick and cough all over you and sneeze on you as well. What happened to good old fashioned manners? I am sure they were taught to cover their mouth, move away, or even leave the area so as not to be rude. When people are sick, they should stay away from the rest of the population until they are no longer contagious and reasonably well.  When a family member is sick, its difficult not to catch whatever they have.  However, I think the same considerations should apply.  They should stay away from everyone else in the home and not make anyone else sick.  Being sick is no fun, but if people thought about it, then colds, the flu and any other super bugs or super viruses might not spread so quickly.

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