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Everyone who is older wants to look younger. The number of products available is astronomical.  It is a wonder that they all stay in business.  There are lotions and potions, supplements, exercises and various products that only a licensed physician can provide. Those include Botox, face lifts, light therapy and more. The number of ads for this is staggering.  If it wasn’t for the older generation, many of these companies would be out of business.  People who abuse themselves their entire lives with drinking, smoking, lack of exercise, eating fast food, high caloric intakes on a daily basis, are the ones who once they discover they are going to die if they don’t change their ways, are their best customers.  Too little too late is usually the case.  However, while they are trying to hold onto life, they will spend any amount of money, do anything and try anything to make themselves well again and look younger.  The hair loss industry loves this as well.  Everyday I see adverts for thinning hair, going bald, losing hair, etc.  The amount of money spent to save a person’s hair is enough to feed a family of three for a week.  Sure we all want to look younger as we age but if you abused yourself your entire life, unless you have large sums of money for plastic surgery and are willing to give up your old ways, it is never going to happen.  Not that this has anything to do with the Good Gus series, it’s just that once again today older women are showing off  on internet their bikinis just to prove they do look younger.  The series can be found online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” does have characters, particularly females,  who wish to look younger, but the younger men come along to steal all their money and for a brief period they do believe the are younger and beautiful. The book is available online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

 Once again the medical field is relabeling names of diseases. They are beginning to refer to Type III Diabetes as Alzheimer’s.  It’s an insult to the Type I Diabetic who develop it generally as a child and not from lack of exercise or eating excessive amounts of sugar.  It is when the pancreas fails that it begins.  Now, with the new Type III Diabetes, it seems that they want everyone to join in particularly the pharmaceutical companies.  This opens another new avenue of revenue for them.  Our brains are affected by what we eat and how much we exercise over the years.  It becomes clear as we age and particularly with anyone who has Alzheimer’s.  I personally know a man who ate outside food most of his life.  In addition, exercise did not exist in his daily routine until he was told his brain was deteriorating.  He thinks that now by going to the gym, having a personal trainer, and making an attempt at healthy eating will cure him.  It is clear that it is not working.  He continues to deteriorate and is probably now classified with Type III Diabetes.  It’s been obvious , over the years that Type II occurred from bad habits which resulted in insulin resistance. Doctors have indicated that a lifetime of high glucose affects the brain and in return caused diseases including Type II Diabetes.  Now, however, because of plaque buildup in the brain which is a result from Type II and poor health, that it is a contributing factor to Type III Diabetes.  In a 2016 study, it showed that at least half of the Alzheimer’s patients had  high levels of glucose.  While diabetes doesn’t cause Alzheimer’s, it is a definite contributing factor.   Individuals do have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s now considered Type III Diabetes, by maintaining a lifetime of excessive sugar.  In the late 1800’s where all the Good Gus stories are set, sugar was certainly available but it was not grown in the U.S.  Yesterday, I met two new fans who absolutely loved the idea of cowboy stories.  Remember the series is available on Kindle, and “Misplaced Trust” is available at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

If you or a family member is having noticeable memory issues or possibly symptoms of dementia, seek professional medical help. The first thing you should understand is that memory issues can either be dementia or Alzheimer’s.  What many individuals don’t realize is that it can start as early as one’s forties.  If you see memory issues in yourself or someone else, also see if they are having impaired thoughts and behavioral changes. After a stroke occurs one may also develop vascular dementia.  If you believe that once you are diagnosed that there is no hope you are wrong. There are medications that can slow it down and engaging in mental exercises such as puzzles and reading regularly will help.  There is a man I know who is constantly doing word puzzles everyday.  It is clear that he has memory issues yet I think he is afraid to know what is really wrong.  If you exercise, have mental stimulation, improve your sleep and eat a healthy diet then it could even reverse cognitive decline.  As we all age, how often have you heard, “You are getting older now.  Of course you have memory issues.  It’s a natural part of aging.”  No it is not part of the aging process.  Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean your brain is going to stop working and you will fall into cognitive decline.  According to the World Health Organization, an estimated forty-seven million people are currently living with dementia worldwide.  If you think it’s slowing down, think again.  The WHO believes it will increase to seventy-five million by 2030.  If no one has memory issues in your family history, don’t rule it out for yourself.  Certain factors contribute to memory loss such as living near a busy road, taking certain medications, smoking, lack of exercise, and even a vitamin D deficiency could increase your risk of developing dementia. As you read this blog and begin thinking you have memory issues it may not be dementia or Alzheimer’s.  It’s quite possible that prescriptions, chronic stress, lack of proper nutrition and possibly deficiencies in vitamins B1 and B12 could lead to memory issues.  So rather than worry, seek medical help if you feel any of this article applies to you or a family member.  In the Good Gus series, there were older adults but no one had memory issues.  It is available on Kindle exclusviely worldwide.  If you choose reading to help your memory issues, please consider “Misplaced Trust.” It is available on these excellent e-book websites: 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Have you been feeling slightly off lately and unwell? Are you attributing it to partying too much or lack of sleep? It could be those reasons and a few more.  It is difficult to resist all those adverts for fast food.  They are everywhere including the sides of buses, on trains and trolleys, the TV, radio and now in the United States on miniature screens at gas stations.  And if you are hungry, the ads are even more appealing.  However, fast food is not only making you feel unwell it can affect your skin.  Acne isn’t just for teenagers anymore.  It is now prevalent with adults as well.  If you try eliminating those appealing fries and shakes, you may be surprised at how well your skin looks.  It is also a sign of being unwell.  If caffeine is part of your daily routine try reducing or eliminating it.  It may be the reason you are sleeping poorly at night.  It is another sign of being unwell if you are on a decaf diet and still can’t sleep.  Lack of exercise and simply not burning off enough energy can also be a factor in your inability to sleep.  If your lips are chapped continuously, don’t rely on lip balm.  Instead, start taking vitamins.  It is a symptom of being unhealthy.  The same applies for your nails.  That is generally a symptom of a problem with your lungs and possibly your heart.  I once saw an article about a doctor who was watching a sports game when she noticed a player’s nails.  She immediately put in a call to the team manager and told him to take that person out until he had a medical exam.  It turned out he did have a problem with his heart.  The old saying “cold hands warm heart” doesn’t mean that you are in good health.  It is more likely that you have poor circulation and a possible cardiovascular issue.  Premature graying may be genetic.  My grandmother was gray at thirty-five.  It also could mean a B-12 deficiency or a sign of anemia.  If your memory is failing, check out your medications.  They could be giving you an unclear mind.  If alcohol is part of your daily routine and you are constantly itchy, have your liver checked out.  In the Good Gus series the only place to indulge a sweet tooth was Bob’s Sweet Shop.  The series is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If you are feeling unwell and feel that a few of the symptoms I presented apply to you, make a doctor’s appointment and bring your tablet so you can read “Misplaced Trust” while you are waiting. It is available on these fine websites:  24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

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