challengespowerless manafraid Many people have an anxious condition. It’s also known as anxiety. I was reading an article recently about being anxious and having anxiety. The individual who wrote the article believed that anti-anxiety pills were unnecessary. He felt that if a person simply confronted their fears that it would disappear. Sadly, that view isn’t quite accurate. People who feel anxious often are not sure why it comes about. They may be anticipating a job interview, a test, an upcoming event, or sickness either with themselves or a person close to them. The anticipation of visiting a doctor sends the blood pressure on numerous people high as they are anxious about what the doctor may say to them. It is an unconscious fear but simply by saying stop for most people, just doesn’t work.  It is truly a medical condition.  The world is so different today that even little children become anxious at an early age and develop anxiety.  It is sometimes referred to as a ‘mental health illness.’  Dr. Joe Kosterich wrote an article commenting about being anxious or having anxiety.  He sees patients on a daily basis experiencing anxiety, feeling anxious, depression and simply being emotionally sad.  He feels that it is natural to be human and have a variety of emotions.  There is so much stress in the world today, coupled with family problems, financial issues, loss of a loved one, the breakup of a marriage or the end of a relationship with a partner, that for almost anyone it seems automatic to feel all the emotions I just mentioned.  The good doctor feels that a pill is not the answer as it helps relieve symptoms but doesn’t solve the problems.  There are people with chemical imbalances that do need medication to help them feel better.  Of course, with all the ongoing medical programs, particularly in the United States, doctors passing out pills which are readily available, helps promote “sickness.” There have been studies that have shown that whether a depressed person has been given a placebo or an antidepressant, that the growing evidence exhibits that neither one work that well.  It’s easy to understand being anxious but it’s not so easy to overcome it.  With a person who is extremely anxious, trying to present logic and facts doesn’t always work.  Their bodies have a physical reaction of impending doom or fear.  What it really boils down to is that as a society our stress levels need to be reduced dramatically.  People need to be able to cope with situations and resolve them rather than be anxious and fearful. It keeps their brains from thinking logically to solve their problem.  Unfortunately, there is so much coming at us every day, it’s a very difficult task.  Has anyone visited “Pecos Meets Bad Bart” on Kindle or “Misplaced Trust?” In previewing the books, the Good Gus Series pictures were quite clear, and the “Misplaced Trust” chapters flowed along smoothly.