selfdoubt ItalyTrying to do school workMost people have common sense, but you would be surprised at the number who do not. In a survey by the Scott brand, they found that forty-three percent of Americans believe they have good common sense and another seven percent felt that they excelled in common sense.I found that to be a very interesting number. The fact that fifty percent of the people surveyed didn’t feel that they had common sense was surprising. The survey went on to say that of the one thousand people queried that eighty percent felt that if you had good common sense your home would function well. Seventy-three percent felt that common sense was the reason that their relationships with their spouse or significant others was happy. Sixty-three percent felt that if you raised children with good common sense that they would be well-adjusted. Lastly, forty-seven percent of the people felt that good common sense led to high paying jobs. Common sense is a life skill. Its the thought process that makes us weigh the pros and cons before making a decision, speaking on a topic in an irrational way, handling money properly, and performing tasks both at home, in the car and at work. Some decisions or tasks which seem simple, for people lacking common sense,¬†are difficult and complicated. I have often wondered when you see people performing a task and appear to be mentally losing it, start cursing and become angry, if its the lack of common sense that frustrates them. Men in the survey felt they had more common sense and then when the women were surveyed they felt they had more common sense. When you come right down to it, common sense is basically good judgment and the ability to be decisive. After all, the one trait that wealthy people have, according to the internet yesterday, was that they are decisive.