complainchange signI saw an article today that made me decide to write about complainers again. The article was on Yahoo and it discussed why some people are financially successful and others are not. Basically, it stated that if you are a complainer that you are talking yourself into not succeeding financially. It went on to say that you should evaluate who your friends and associates are because if they are constant complainers they are affecting you negatively and therefore your wallet. The negativity brought on by constant complaining affects you as an individual. While you listen to the complaints, the thoughts register in your brain and take up negative space rather than positive thoughts that could translate into a better life and prosperity. I have always believed that if you think positively you will succeed at whatever you are doing. Its not just about money, it can be about health, lifestyle, and even your family. The complainer spends all of his or her time thinking negatively and projecting on others besides themselves. If they don’t stop, their lives will be as miserable as the words they say verbally or even to themselves. I once read a book that said if you say negative things they are repeated back into your brain. So, if a person continually whines and complains, puts themselves down, then whatever they dislike so much in their lives will not change. They are basically putting into place a negative pattern that will repeat itself. On the other hand, the complainer may enjoy it because like they old saying, “If they didn’t like it they would stop.” People continue to do things because they want to and because they like it even if it is wrong and they know it isn’t right. I have read a few articles that state that there may be psychological issues that make people continue to do negative things because it satisfies something in their brain. A little too complicated for this blog at this time. Anyway, if you find yourself in a rut be it financially or personally, take a look around you at your friends and acquaintances. It may be time for a few changes.