uk-sterling-money-notes-and-coins-100137436I think there are very few people on this planet who do not have some type of debt. Credit card debt is insidious. The credit card companies, particularly in the United States, used to send credit cards to people if their credit was good. When times were great, and everyone had plenty of money, the credit card companies wanted to cash in on the success as well. They would send unsolicited credit cards to people. Many individuals used them and ended up with high credit card debt. I have heard people say, “Oh let me just put it on my card.” When you mention that they might be charging too much, their words will surprise you; “Its not like cash so I don’t have to worry about it.” Unusual thinking at best. However, there is a bill that comes in each month. Before long, bankruptcy was on the rise as people had so much debt they couldn’t pay their bills. Many individuals have mortgage debt, but they are careful when they purchase a home and it is generally the first bill they pay each month. Today I saw a writer, Lee Siegel, who placed an article in the Sunday New York Times, who basically told anyone in the United States with a student loan, to default. I was really surprised. I understand that student debt is quite high in the United States, but when a person signed the contract, they knew what the rates were and the cost of the education. I am not saying the cost is out of control as he is, but its not about the cost. Its about the fact that if you agree to a particular debt for an education, then you are obligated to pay. I don’t know what happens if a person defaults. I do know that as I listened to the interview, the speaker asked Lee if he had any credit cards as she understood that if you defaulted the government could collect the debt through wage garnishment. He refused to answer that question. As a professional writer, who attended college and utilized the education to earn money, how can he say “I don’t want to pay?” Its a very poor example to all other students. Many parents work hard to support their children and pay for their education. It is true that the cost is quite high. There are parents I know that paid what they could towards their children’s education and then the student took out loans for the balance. All of the people I know make payments for their debt. To say, “don’t pay” is an injustice to the decent hard working people paying off their student loans.  Please consider voting for me for a Chase Bank grant on Facebook.  I need 250 votes before they will even read my proposal.  I have many wonderful viewers and supporters.  This would bring my business website online much quicker. The zip code is 89108.

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