heart-diagramheart broken Van Buren Benny wrote a song back in the 1950’s entitled “Heart.” The first few lyrics are “You’ve gotta have heart, miles and miles of heart.” It has been covered over the years by a variety of artists. The words in the song, however, are timeless. There are people in life whom you think have a heart. Then when a difficult situation arises, its as if their heart has turned to stone. I am sure, readers, you have known or met individuals who appear to have a heart, but don’t. They are phony and act like they do have a heart. They are probably the same individuals who contribute to charity, attend all the appropriate  charity events, contribute money to a family who needs gifts and foods during the holidays as long as they don’t have to do anything except write a check or give cash.  They do not, however, assist with possible local issues in their area that require physical help,  such as delivering food to the needy, reading to the elderly who are confined in a home, serving food at a shelter, volunteering to help children with their school work, and anything else that comes to mind when times are difficult. I am not sure that if they stopped to realize that the people having the tough times who need help, could be them if things went terribly wrong in their lives. I recently wrote about guilt, and I believe that the people who do not feel guilt, go out of their way to pass it on to others, have no heart.  Scientists would argue that the heart is simply an organ.  That is true.  However, our brains have feelings and thoughts which we attribute to our heart but are really our own perception of how we should feel.  How often have you heard a person say, “He or she died of a broken heart;  My heart is broken; I think with my brain but I feel with my heart, Don’t you have any heart at all?” just to name a few. People often criticize others when they feel strongly about something.When others don’t feel the same, have compassion, or possibly don’t even understand, they become upset.  The critics believe that those people do not have a heart. The heart symbol is also used as another word for love on signs, bumper sticks, posters, ads, and more. When Van Buren Benny wrote “Heart” I think he may have meant that we all need heart and lots of miles of heart as life is difficult and its our heart that sees us through the tough times.  No one ever talks about the heart except in terms of medically in “Have a healthy heart.” Of course that is important, but if we are stressed too much, hurt really badly emotionally and possibly physically, or have lost hope, then our heart is what will see us through.  What do you think?