finger pointing Whenever anything goes wrong, what are the first words you hear anyone say? “It’s not my fault.” The blame begins, the finger pointing and excuses to get out of whatever it was that went wrong.  Why is it that when people do something wrong they cannot stand up and accept responsibility for their actions?  The majority of people in the world were raised that way.  I sometimes wonder if fear overrides everything and that’s when “It’s not my fault” is uttered.  It may have started with childhood.  There are parents who have said to their child that if they just told the truth, everything would be alright.  There would be no punishment.  Then the second the child told the truth, they were not only punished, but the action taken by the parent made it clear that lying was by far a better option.  The child may also have discovered that if he or she said “It’s not my fault” and proceed with blame and finger pointing that they learned early on how to basically get off the hook and out of punishment.  Its not the best example.  If a parent makes that statement that there are no repercussions for the truth, that could set another negative example.  The child could learn that they could do wrong but by telling the truth there would be no punishment even though they clearly understood that it was not the right thing to do.  Finding a happy medium is not easy.  A simple approach, particularity if you are sure the child did the deed, is to say, “I would prefer you told me the truth.  You and I both know you did this.  Now, you will need to be punished, but if you tell the truth, I will not make the punishment quite so severe.  For example, instead of losing your video game privileges for one month, I will only take it away for two weeks.” It sends the right message.  There are a few adults I know that immediately say, regardless of the situation, “It’s not my fault, I didn’t do it, I didn’t write that document, do that work, etc.” Even when they are faced with reality, they continue to deny it.  I can only assume they are afraid of any type of repercussions that will cost them money.  If you work with a person with that type of nature, then you also know that if any situation arises, they will clearly throw you under the bus and blame you.  You would think that as successful adults, they would know better and have some type of values.  Sadly, that is not the case in any situation I have dealt with. I know Christmas in Poland is tomorrow and for other countries it is Friday.  In spite of the political correctness, there are many people still wishing others a Merry Christmas.