leprechaunmagic fairyDo you believe in magic? That was also the title of a song from the 1960’s by the Lovin Spoonful. As children we believed in magic. We had the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Halloween witches, and magicians. It was easy then and eventually the magic just faded away and we forgot about it.  In Ireland, however, fairies and leprecans still exist.  You would be surprised at how many products have the word fairy in them such as fairly lights for one. I saw an old show the other day where two boys were really interested in magic. They went to a magic store and all they had was fifteen cents. They could only afford a disappearing coin trick. One of the boys brought the trick home and showed it to his family. No one was impressed. When his friend came over to see how the family had reacted, even he was disappointed. A neighbor came by and they showed him the trick. He was probably about seven or eight years old. He loved it. They told him to come back later and they would show him another great trick. They were inspired by famous magicians on the TV so they went around the side of one of the boys’ home near an open box. They borrowed a blanket and found a large rock. They had everything in place when the little neighbor boy returned. Sure enough, one boy hid behind the blanket and the other boy said magic words. While the blanket was covering the boy, he slipped into the box and left a rock where he was standing. The little boy was duly impressed. Then the magician boy’s mum called him and he left. The other boy remained in the box awaiting the magic words. The little boy was then convinced that the rock was really the boy. He was quite distressed. He brought it home with him in his wagon and slept with it. When his mother saw the rock in the boy’s bed the following day, she tried to convince him that it wasn’t really a boy. She even brought him to the boy’s house. As with all good plots, the boy had slept over another boy’s house and wasn’t home. Finally, the dad had to retrieve his son so they could prove to the little boy that it wasn’t really magic, just a trick. There are so very famous magicians who can fool us with their shows. I have seen a couple that were fabulous. What is sad is that as we grow up, magic disappears. Sometimes it is just nice to believe in magic and hope that all our wishes come true.