donald trumprespect signconflct of two menYour opinion counts. Its a phrase we hear and or see on the internet. All the companies and banks want our opinion and ask for a survey. If you ring for a problem, there is a survey at the end. If you call technical support for a product, again another survey. Even better, now they email the survey to obtain our opinion. I have often wondered if they use this data. Its information that is useful and if you do their surveys, they don’t have to pay a person to contact you for your opinion. With the topic around the globe about the U.S. Presidential debate tonight, opinions will be fast and furious. Of course, after the debate, the news people will tell us what we heard and what our opinions should be. Anyone who watches the debates can form their own conclusion as to which candidate won, how they fared in general, and what their future prospects will be. It seems that if we have an opinion, it does not matter.  In school if you participated in a debate, your opinion did matter at least for your grade.  When people have a problem and you are asked your opinion, do you answer?  I don’t like to because the majority of time whatever you say, the person asking probably won’t like it.  I feel as if they have an idea but they want it reaffirmed by another individual.  Then, if you answer your true thoughts and they do not sync with theirs, they become upset.  I have seen on the TV people arguing politics, the government, social life, etc. only to lose it with the other person as they disliked their opinion.  We are entitled to our own thoughts.  They belong to us.  Someone may have an opinion, but to us, it is our opinion that matters.  Often times, when a person is being interviewed for a position, the interviewer forms an immediate opinion the instant they meet.  It will not matter if the applicant is well qualified for a position, if the interviewer doesn’t like them or their appearance. They will not land the job.  I used to run a contract firm out of my home when my children were young.  Due to the opinions of the human resource interviewers, many qualified people were not hired.  However, as I spoke directly to the managers, the same people who were rejected, were then hired by the managers.  It worked out quite well as I made nice commissions each time.  The applicants would always tell me that they had applied with Personnel and were never called back.  This was generally after they were hired and working at the company. If you watch the debate tonight, I hope you will not let the news people’s analysis and opinions sway you from your own.