possibilities quotepossibilities How often have you heard the phrase “The possibilities are endless?” They really are for most people if they can see them and then take advantage of the possibilities that are right before their eyes. When we first start out as children we believe the possibilities are endless. We are sure we can conquer anything, have the career of our dreams, live in a beautiful home and maybe even drive a fabulous car. As we mature life, circumstances, events and people wear us down and start destroying whatever possibilities we believe we have. Sometimes the events start out small, but if something huge happens, people often give up and think they must settle rather than keep on going forward with the possibilities. Occasionally, people lose everything when they become depressed or addicted to a substance. Their possibilities die and so do they little by little. Sometimes people will not even look at the realm of possibilities available but rather accept whatever life gives them. It’s very sad when that happens because it often leads to complacency or worse.  I have heard of people having complete breakdowns and even attempting suicide because they could see the possibilities but couldn’t act upon them.  Possibilities exist every day in our lives.  We can make choices when we see possibilities that can change our career paths.  For example, if an individual is working on a project with a few  people and he or she can see that their ideas can be more successful, but the other team members rejects them. They should take advantage of the situation and do the project without the team.  In order words, work with the team, but then do a second example of the project and present it after the team presents the project to the boss.  It could lead to a promotion and an increase in pay.  When individuals start dating, they generally see infinite possibilities in their prospective new girlfriend or boyfriend.  Sometimes, after they get to know each other, they also see that their possible new partner either has no possibilities, limits them and simply can’t see them.  There are individuals who see people and their possibilities as a ticket to their financial freedom.  I was watching a Christmas movie today in which a woman would not give another man so much as a nod whenever they were in the lift.  When she accidentally discovered he was living in the penthouse, suddenly she saw infinitive possibilities for herself.  However, once she realized he was only staying in the penthouse, her interest in him disappeared immediately. In the old West, everyone had infinite possibilities.  Many were content with their lives, but there are characters in the Good Gus Series that saw their chances for a new life, a new home, career and family.  All the books at the Miramar Marine Base, in San Diego, California, sold out the first time they were placed on the shelves.  The books are a wonderful addition to any child’s library.