Irish country sidemothr and son homelessReality bites is an old expression. Often times it is true, though. Facing reality particularly during a difficult time is not enjoyable. There are people who are always using the phrase “face reality.” I know a person who says those very words. He believes he is the only person who knows what reality is. However, anyone that knows him well, recognizes that his reality and everyone else’s are not even remotely the same. He will tell a person to face reality and do a particular thing. He, however, in his lack of vision, doesn’t see that he is the one who should be doing whatever he asked the other person. There are times in life where facing reality is too difficult. For example, if someone close to you passes, reality is the last thing you want to face. Many people cannot accept day to day reality. In turn, the smoke pot, use drugs, drink excessively, or escape into fantasy such as TV, movies or video games. There are those who will simply refuse to accept whatever their reality is and then there are dire consequences. For example, if a breadwinner in the family isn’t paying all the bills and needs a better job, rather than look for a new opportunity, he or she will complain about low pay, lack of hours, and even chances for promotion. Then when the foreclosure notice arrives or the eviction letter, their reality is so much worse than if they had just faced it and made changes. That may be why bankruptcy exists. I remember in the early 2000’s that people were purchasing houses all across the United States regardless of the price. Many of these individuals could ill afford their purchases, but the commissions to the mortgage brokers was tremendous, and reality didn’t matter to anyone at the time. Of course, once everything fell apart reality did bite and people lost their homes, incomes, furniture, automobiles and more.  In the old west life was a reality every day.  They had to struggle with weather, crops, insects, and earning a living.  Back then there were no shelters, agencies to help people; their friends and families were the ones who knew reality and were available for assistance.