eppi shotnuts with penchild with allergy There are many people around the world who have severe allergies. Airline companies have stopped offering nuts as part of their complimentary refreshment because even the nut dust can affect a person who has severe allergies. Yesterday, a friend of mine’s daughter went to her usual shop in her neighborhood for a smoothie. She is a very attractive girl and is physically fit. She ordered her regular smoothie and then walked back home. She took a few sips on her walk, and then began to drink it once she was home. All of a sudden her throat began to close and she could barely speak. Her mum was not home so she called her Aunt who lives about two hours away. Her aunt asked her if she had eaten any nuts and she said no. Her aunt knew that she was extremely careful as her nut allergy was quite severe. The aunt asked if she had been anywhere and she told her the smoothie place. Then it dawned on them simultaneously. The person who made the smoothie used a nut milk. There was no time to wonder. The niece quickly found the Benadryl and took one tablet.   When the aunt called  and told me, I suggested a second tablet as the girl’s speech was becoming slurred and her throat was closing.  The aunt immediately called Uber who promptly arrived and drove her to the closest urgent care.  She was instantly placed on an IV and given more Benadryl.  When the mum returned home, she was very upset.  Her phone had died and she had no way of knowing what had taken place.  Understanding her daughter’s severe allergies, once she arrived home, the mother went straight to the smoothie shop.  The employee had given her cashew milk.  The mother was furious.  Her daughter could have died!  The shop owner agreed to pay all of her expenses and promised her free smoothies for as long as she lives in that neighborhood.  Of course, you are wondering why she didn’t take her eppi pen and fix it immediately.  She was so distressed and was deteriorating so quickly, that she completely forgot about it.  The are many commercials advising people to be careful about what they eat.  Children with severe allergies have to be taught at an early age.  Their first attack is very frightening but if they understand how to treat themselves, it is less scary.  There are so many companies that offer products where nuts are processed along with other foods. That is why  reading all labels is a must for anyone with severe allergies.  Hopefully, everyone who understands about severe allergies can help a person if they have accidentally eaten the wrong food without their knowledge.