slob manslob Do you live with a slob or work with one? It is extremely difficult if you are clean and neat. I have worked with various people over the years who were a slob. The worst part is that they would leave their food anywhere and everywhere. Then if the cleaners didn’t toss it there would be odors and bugs. They also would toss their unfinished food or drinks in the bin and then be too lazy to remove it so that if it was a Monday through Friday job, by the following Monday the smell would be nasty. The worst part are the people who have their desk not only loaded with left over take away packages, but stains on documents and papers that are needed for their job.   As children we were taught to pick up after ourselves.  Many of us learned the life lessons and many did not.  I found it easier as my grandmother expected it and was a clean woman.  As the teenage years approached many of us reverted to slob as we just couldn’t be bothered.  It was mostly with our rooms leaving clothes everywhere.  It was much easier for girls as they can easily try on three to four outfits before going to school, on a date, or just shopping.  By the time adulthood arrived and we began living on our own, anyone who cared about their home and appearance gave up being a slob.  Sadly, not every person followed that example.  There is a show on the TV in the USA entitled “Hoarders.” I understand that it is a psychological sickness but they give slob a whole new name.  I haven’t watched the show but  have seen the commercials.  There are dirty dishes piled in sinks, left over food laying around, mounds of all types of items and bugs.  Its really disgusting to even see the commercial.  I am not sure if a person is a slob you can change them. I thought about putting an image of the show on my blog but the pictures were just awful. I think when a couple is first married if they set ground rules they may be able to break their partner’s habits.  As a mother, I have taught my children to clean up after themselves.  Its worked reasonably for the most part.  So, anyone with young children start now so you won’t be pulling your hair out when they become teenagers.