coca colaThere is a great deal of controversy about soda. Some locations in the world call it soda, others pop and still others tonic. Whatever you call it, in most parts of the world the big brand companies flavor their products with high fructose corn syrup which is not good for you. However, that is only half the story. Now Coca-Cola is paying for a study that will clearly state that drinking soda, and eating high fat foods is not what makes people fat. It is their lack of exercise. Anyone who buys into this theory, has not read about people in developed countries who eat fast food. The growing rate of people who are overweight, and in many cases significantly, can almost always be directly contributed to high fat fried fast food with the accompanying soda. I read the article about this study and went back and read it a second time as I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. There is not enough exercise in the world to help a person keep in good shape if they eat high fat foods and drink soda. The calories alone, which are empty ones at best, in soda are outrageous. Even diet soda will help you gain weight. Wherever you read, there is the constant discussion about people being overweight. In the United States, the number is so high that Type II diabetes is now at epidemic proportions. I have read numerous articles that were written by a variety of doctors stating that if their Type II patients exercised and lost weight, that their condition would disappear. In most cases, it did. Type I, however, will not disappear. I have written about various documentaries and soda in the past.  However, the fact that they are coming back around saying eating high fat foods and drinking sodas will not put weight on a person, is just, in my opinion, ludicrous. If you have ever seen a show entitled “My Six Hundred Pound Life” and observed what they ate, it was clear that the food was fried fast food and not all, but many of them drank soda.  The worst part of this study is the big lie.  They are doing this to convince people to drink their soda regardless of the consequences.Once again it is all about the money and profits. Overweight people have numerous health issues.  There are people who have a thyroid problem or PCOS and their weight gain can be devastating.  I have seen websites of PCOS groups where the women are careful about what they eat, watch their caloric intake and really exercise.  Yet still because of their condition, they cannot control their weight. I hope you have the opportunity to read the new Coca-Cola study,  under the name the Global Energy Balance Network.