fireworksclockmore fireworks Many countries have superstitions for good luck at the end of each year and the beginning of the new one. One of the superstitions for Ireland is to start the new year with a clean home. It seems like a logical idea to start the new year fresh. They also believe that if the first person through the door on New Year’s is a tall, dark, handsome man, the family will have good luck and prosperity. That seems like a great idea! However, if a redheaded girl is the first them you can expect bad luck and grief for the upcoming year. For all the single lads and ladies, if you sleep with mistletoe under your pillow, it will bring you a husband or wife. I say go for it! Eating lentils on new year’s eve will bring you prosperity in Italy. For Chile, it is important to eat the lentils at midnight. For the southern portion of the United States, eating black eyed peas is the answer for prosperity.  This tradition is also true in Texas. My son-in-law told me the German tradition for prosperity is to not eat poultry. It is said that your good luck with fly away with the bird’s feathers.  You can also take a plunge in cold water.  That might not be that healthy considering the cold weather lately. The English transitions are similar to the Irish. They open their back door and ask a dark haired handsome man to come in that door bringing coal, salt and bread. What is interesting, is where would a person purchase coal? Brazil believes in wearing white on new year’s eve to ward off evil spirits for the up coming year plus throwing white flowers into the ocean.  In Spain, you must eat twelve white grapes when the clock strikes midnight. In Russia the children receive presents for the first day of the new year.  There are people who write down their wishes for the upcoming new year.  Then they burn the paper and put the ashes in a glass of champagne.  Take a guess as to what they do at midnight for good luck and prosperity; they drink the champagne with the ashes in the glass.  Interesting, any readers willing to try it? As 2016 approaches, I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments  and to wish my followers and readers and truly wonderful 2016!