pressure sign Many people say let the past go and then they don’t. Whatever happened in the past they want to rehash until you are sick of hearing about it. If people want to live the past, that is their choice. We don’t all have to hear it repeatedly. Anyone who lives in the past cannot move forward. They are not free. They are tied to negativity and if they never get over it, they will never be truly happy or mentally free. The past can teach us many things, particularly history. Someone told me a joke about a snake. A man and a snake needed to cross a river but the snake couldn’t swim. He begged the man to help him. The man felt sorry for him so he carried him across the river. When they reached the other side and the snake was on land again, he bit the man. The man asked him why he did it. The snake said, “Just because I was nice to you for a moment doesn’t mean that I am not still a snake who bites.” No matter how you look at it, a snake is still a snake. Unusual history lesson, but what is a fact is still a fact.  Individuals who learn from their past and move forward are far more intelligent than the people who cannot let go.  This is also applicable in the workplace.  If you are working with a person and you were late a few times due to family issues, and your reasons are legitimate, then it should be left in the past.  It shouldn’t be a reminder for your employment.  We can learn from the past and not let it hold us back.  The lessons can be painful but if we move forward then it might have been worth it.  Everyone has wonderful memories of the past and those should be held out as the good times.  Letting go of the bad times is difficult but most people succeed and move forward.  Sometimes not as fast as they would like.  However, they put forth the effort and the results are wonderful.  I hope anyone reading this blog will keep their past in perspective and let go of the negative. Negative people do not live happy productive lives and in the end all they have to look back on is negativity.