kindness with animalsMany people find it difficult to be unselfish. However, individuals perform unselfish acts every day without expecting anything in return. I have written in the past about people taking their personal standards a step further by performing unselfish good deeds anonymously. Every day people lend a helping hand, donate goods and food to the homeless or charities that will give the items to those in need, and even adopt families to help them get back on their feet. When I lived in Texas, many years ago, there was a story in the news about a family that was sleeping in their car. It was announced on the radio and people jumped at the chance to assist this family. A company found a job for the dad, another person gave them a garage apartment fully furnished for free until they were making money again, a grocery donated food items for three months, and a number of people donated household goods, and clothing. One of the children was a young boy, who stayed with my family for a few weeks. He was the mother’s brother as their parents had passed and she was his guardian. It was the unselfish actions of a group of people that turned this family’s unfortunate circumstances into something positive. As all my readers know, I love old TV shows. I watched one the other day that was really nice. A boy was walking to the grocery with a wagon to buy some food items for his mum. Along the way he found a wallet with eighty nine dollars in it. To him it seemed like a million dollars. He went to the police station and filled out a report and turned in the wallet. He was at the station so long, he forgot to buy the groceries for his mum. When he returned home, his parents were proud that he turned the wallet in. They didn’t even mind that he had forgotten to buy the food items. The boy had to wait ten days and, naturally, you know what happened on the tenth day. He went to the station and sure enough the woman who had lost the wallet was there to claim it. The woman gave him a big hug and promised to send him a very special gift. Every day the boy waited on his front porch for the mail to arrive looking for the package. Then one day a large package arrived. He was so excited when he opened it and it was a radio. The mum asked the dad, when the boy took the radio up to his room, how much it cost. The dad hesitated, I think, it was to show him thinking about denying it. He then said that their son had been unselfish and did the right thing. He didn’t want him to think that if you were unselfish that once in a while you should be rewarded so that performing good deeds would be a positive thought and not a negative one.  I believe many of my readers are unselfish and are kind people.  All of you leave such nice comments, I can’t help appreciate that you take the time to be so thoughtful.