uk-sterling-money-notes-and-coins-100137436euro-chest-of-coins-shows-european-prosperity-and-economy-100246733What is the value of money? Every country in the world has a currency which they place a specific value. If you look at the stock exchange data on any financial show on the TV, they will give you the comparisons between countries and the value of money for a majority of currencies. It is interesting, but the value of money as it relates to each individual is completely different.  Individuals who just barely get by understand the value of money.  They treasure any extra money that comes their way and understands how difficult life is without enough cash.  Then there are people who have a good influx of cash and live comfortably.  They have savings so that when a crisis occurs they have the money in the bank to handle it.  They don’t take money for granted but they are more lax about the value of money.  In other words, they will splurge on expensive clothes, shoes, a night out, etc. because they know they can cover any costs if they run over.  Children who grow up with plenty of money often do not understand the value of money.  They think nothing of paying high sums of money for designer clothes, shoes, or going on a holiday.  Smart parents insist that their children earn the cash before they spend it so that they understand the value of money.  Most parents also try to instill into their children that they are fortunate and that there are families who are hungry every day, wear used clothing, and never get new toys or even own any electronics.  Having watched a number of children’s shows over the years, it is interesting how the punishments and techniques of parents have changed in teaching children morals, ethics and the value of money.  Many of the themes follow along a line of teaching children to spend wisely when they have their own money.  All young children and teenagers feel that their mobile phone is their lifeline.  It’s a tool that parents use when they want to pass out a punishment.  If a teen goes over the data usage, the parents’ first thought is to take away the phone for a week to teach the teen the value of money and how it affects their life if they don’t pay attention and appreciate it.  On “Girl Meets World,” a Disney show, the two main characters, Maya and Riley go to a trendy shop and the sales girl literally cheats them financially.  When they show Riley’s parents their purchases, Topanga and Ben are furious that the girls didn’t understand the costs of items and that they were cheated. Maya had sold some of her clothing to the shop and was given very little cash. When the girls returned the next day to try and solve their problem themselves, the sales girl already had May’s clothes for sale at triple the price she had given Maya.  The sales girl agreed to sell Maya’s clothes back to her but at the price she had tagged the clothes in the store.  The girls failed and eventually, Topanga, who is an attorney, solved the problem.  It turned out that the sales girl was the daughter of the owners.  They had taught her to charge high prices even though the clothing wasn’t worth it.  The parents had not instilled ethics or morals only that they placed a high value on money.  As you think about the value of money, please take a moment to peruse and read about the Money Manager.