facebook wastewaste hourglassworry Often during the day people find that something or someone has caused them a waste of time. For example, today I was online with a company trying to ascertain data. I spent thirty minutes only to have them tell me to leave a message. A complete waste of time. Eventually, they discovered that they were wrong and apologized for asking me data I had sent to them in July. Miss Patty was complaining about the exact same thing today as well. She was on hold with the Post for over twenty minutes and then they still couldn’t answer her question. Now she has to go to the Post to obtain the data she was seeking. Not only a waste of time, but gas and energy. How often have you arrived on time for a doctor’s or dental appointment only to sit waiting for thirty plus minutes? Then they only see you briefly, unless its the dentist. What makes their time so much more valuable than ours? I waited almost one hour the other day at a doctor’s office. They did however spend time with me and give me the assistance I was hoping for. It was a waste of my time and because I forgot a book to read, to the time passed slowly which made it seem even longer. So many times, people are inconsiderate and waste our time with nonsense. It can occur almost anywhere. I also dislike the individuals that have more than the correct number of items who stand in the short items line. Again, a waste of our time as they feel they are more important and have no consideration for anyone else. In many cases, particularly if you have to go to a government office, regardless of the country, the wise choice is to bring a book.  If nothing else, the time flies by while you are waiting.  Many people develop habits that are a waste of time such as rechecking their phones every few seconds, updating their status on Facebook every few minutes,  putting on make-up to wear at the gym or the pool, complaining, hanging out with negative people, gossiping, eating out of being bored, indecision, and anything else you can come up with. I hope as you read this blog your time was not wasted by anyone or anything.