11-gusandbart2-300x2401-150x150-largeToday I heard a song while I was working out in the gym that I believe the name of it is “the Cool Kids.” The singer, a female, sang about wanting to be like the cool kids. I think she wrote it to make a point about being one of the cool kids. When we were all in school there were the popular groups which I imagine today are the cool kids. It makes me sad to think that if a child or teenager isn’t part of the cool kids, that they feel like a lesser person. I was never part of the popular group but it wasn’t anything that bothered me. I had friends and we did things together. I saw an article today about a boy who was stealing and drinking at the age of sixteen. He was planning to kill his parents, the bullies at school and some of his teachers. As I stared at his picture, I realized that he appeared to be small for his age and really looked much younger than sixteen. What is worse is that he is going to be tried as an adult. He admitted all of his plans to the police and I never saw that he had the opportunity to have an attorney present. What is wrong with our times that children are bullied so much and that violence is the only answer they can think of. Many of us have been bullied, myself included particularly when I was young. However, the other children stood up for me and it stopped. Why aren’t the children looking out for one another? In the Good Gus Series there are so many books where the children back each other during difficult times. In book twenty-three, “Run Blackie Run,” Frankie and Liam start out to see Judge Ross. Along the way they become distracted by an abandoned house. Naturally, they investigated it and something went¬†wrong. Rather than leave Liam alone in a dangerous predicament, Frankie sent¬†his horse Blackie to town in the hope of help returning to save Liam. In many of the other stories, the children all stick together rather than abandon a friend or allow anything bad to happen. Please think about choosing a book from the Good Gus Series that will show your children the importance of being a real friend and standing up to bullies.