temper mannagging wifeself-pity-clipart-self-pity2-300x241There are some days where people become frustrated and take it out on another individual. Somehow, they cannot restrain themselves and so when the opportunity presents itself, they let loose. There are also people who have extremely trying lives. As they cope with each day, hoping the next will improve, the last thing they need is a frustrated person losing it and taking it out on them. A friend of mine was having a very difficult day. She was  doing her best to cope when a co-worker became upset over a payroll deduction.  Sadly, he started in on her complaining stating an error had occured and it just wasn’t fair to him.  She asked him to please take it up with the management, twice, but he just kept  on ranting.  Finally, she completely lost it and started to cry.  Then, she hung up and left work for the day.  When people are frustrated, it is better to go to a quiet place to collect their thoughts, stop and think about how they should handle a situation, or simply vent to a person by first telling them that they are upset.  Often a friend, a family member, or a workmate will take the time to listen and possibly even give good advice to the person who is frustrated.  It’s fairly obvious on a daily basis, that there are people everywhere, around the world, who are frustrated with their job, life, family members and finances.  There is nothing worse than going to the bank or the post and asking a simple question, only to have the clerk or teller bark at you and basically make you wish you weren’t standing there in public with his or her unpleasant attitude.  I have seen people walk away with all their groceries tallied only to have a nasty clerk take their frustrated life out on them.  It’s a mess to undo, but sometimes you can’t blame them for walking away. If you find yourself frustrated or in a difficult situation, if you can’t solve it with kindness, walking away is always a wonderful choice.  Please send your comments about  “Pecos Meets Bad Bart” and “Misplaced Trust” on Kindle.  I am looking forward to your thoughts.