When you hear the words run away, most people think of teens running away to escape their family situation. It is sad when they do because as bad as their life was, living on the streets is much worse. As children we would always run away from negative situations, any time we were about to be yelled at over something we shouldn’t have done, and from bullies. However, if children don’t have the right instructions and are taught that running away is an acceptable answer, they will continue to do it as adults. I am sure as you read this you can think of a few people who run away rather than face their problems. Its not just about leaving, such as moving to another location, its using other methods to escape whatever it is they don’t want to face or have made a mess of. When couples fight, one partner may run away. If they do, it could be to a bar, their best friend, their parents, or even another person. The bar will  allow them to drink until they are drunk and hope they walk home, take their keys away so they can’t drive their vehicle, or call a taxi. The best friend will listen and tell them to work it out as will the parents. The other person if they like the run away will feed their problem until he or she gets what they want which could be anything. There are so many instances when people cheat that if they simply faced their problems and worked to resolve them they would be better off. Sometimes when these individuals are escaping to another person and really don’t want a divorce or to leave their partner, the new person will use that as blackmail to keep them with them longer or for money. For example,  I remember seeing a show recently where the dad was cheating on the mother with a much younger woman.  The daughter who was extremely upset along with the mother couldn’t understand it.  The daughter’s husband told her that the woman was staying with her dad for the money.  She said that couldn’t be all of it and then he told her that she was going to try to get on the gravy train for more money and a house by getting pregnant.  This intrigued the daughter and then she knew how to end the relationship.  She called the girlfriend and told her that she couldn’t get pregnant as her dad had a vasectomy.  The girlfriend dumped him the same day and went running back to his wife. The only people who should have run away were the slaves in the old South. paint horse  If you have a friend who thinks that running away is easier, it may be better to listen and convince them to face their problems.  However, be careful about advice as sometimes it can come back to you in a negative way.