shaming fatshaming airplane Why has shaming people publicly become so popular? I don’t understand the people posting on Facebook shaming other individuals. What gives them the right to decide what is right or wrong for someone else? Today I saw three different articles about Mothers with their pictures and their so called offences posted. There are so many serious things going on in the world, where do these people find the time to decide for everyone their behavior and then make it publicly known. If they have that kind of free time, they should volunteer at a shelter, help feed the homeless, tutor a low income child so that he or she can escape poverty, or visit a rest home and read to the elderly who have lost their sight. When we were young if we did something wrong we heard the words, “You should be ashamed of yourself.” Our actions may have ranged from hitting a sibling, not paying attention in school, fighting with other children, taking something that didn’t belong to us and any type of rude conversation or behavior. That seems to have slipped away and now because everyone can take pictures with their phones, they are the new parents or police to everyone. People who trash hotel rooms and airplanes should really be ashamed of themselves.  Someone still has to clean their messes up.  There is an old saying, “Mind your own business.”  I do not hear it anymore but it really applies to the shaming posters.  I saw another brief article about a woman who was passing out Popsicles at a charity run.  A couple of women recognized her and after they were just inches or centimeters away, remarked, “She has certainly gained weight.”  They knew the woman heard them and she literally stood there in shock.  She was so ashamed of herself and how she looked.  She went on to write that her weight is her fault that she has used food as a comfort zone when she is upset or stressed.  However, it dawned her that these women were shaming her verbally and that she needed to get past it.  She had run, albeit slowly, a 100 mile or 160.9344 kilometers marathon the week before.  In my opinion, its none of anyone’s business to be shaming others as teens are now doing it as  well. They are learning from the adults.  Its just a different form of bullying in my opinion.  Could shaming be a person be someone else’s fifteen minutes of fame?