big clockminute sign Everyday everyone should take a few minutes out of their day for themselves. It is really important to recharge your batteries, give yourself a little peace if even only for a few minutes, and to just relax your mind. People really don’t think about simply giving themselves a break.  Often they are so busy with work, family, possibly their health and just plain life, that they never have time for anything else.  My late always said, Take care of yourself first and then you will be able to take care of your family.”  She had a really good point.  The hustle and bustle throughout the day makes it difficult to stop and simply take a few minutes.  How many people do you see in line at Starbucks waiting for their coffee and not taking a few minutes to sit, relax and drink it slowly while enjoying the flavor?  Very few in reality.  They are grabbing their coffee and whatever else they may want as a quick breakfast and then rushing off to work.  If they allotted the time, they could just take a quick moment and read, or play with their phone while sipping their coffee before facing a possibly difficult work day.  When you think about it, eating or drinking in a rush can’t be good for your stomach either.  An attorney I knew, rather than drive the two and one half hours to his branch office, always took the train.  He felt it was a time when he could not only work uninterrupted, but he also take a few minutes to relax to and from the offices.  Taking a few minutes when a person is about to become angry or lose their temper is an excellent way of defusing a situation.  On one of the children’s shows there is an episode to teach the children not to become too angry or lose their temper.  The adult characters tell the children to take a few minutes, take a deep breath and count to five.  It’s a lesson many adults need in life.  How often have you seen someone having a bad day and taking it out on strangers?  If they just took a few minutes and thought about it, they might not be quite so nasty and rude to a person who did not deserve it.  The angriest person, who loses his temper and becomes demanding, in the Good Gus Series, is Bad Bart.  However, Sheriff Gus knows exactly how to react and solves the problem without any further demands from Bad Bart.  If the continual barrages from heirs for the trust or will you are handling is getting you down, take a few minutes and visit and read “Misplaced Trust.”  Also available on Kindle.