Comments can be negative or positive. The positive ones are great. Its the negative comments we could all do without. There are people that you may associate with that can never leave any discussion without saying the last word or making unnecessary comments. When you hear them, the comments are usually snide, uncalled for and generally rude. I have known people who simply can’t have a good conversation without their personal opinions and comments. There have been a variety of TV shows with characters who always have to have the last word or make comments.  The plots usually center around this type of character and for the most part, he or she is made fun of or is the subject of most of the jokes.  I have found that if your name is unusual, people ask questions about your ethnicity and then always include their comments.  Why?  Its not their family heritage.  It is frequent that I have read and heard people speak about the Kardasians.  Its not that they don’t make comments about their behavior, which they do.  However, its the ethnicity comments that are really unnecessary.  There are people who feel justified to makes comments about everything and to anybody they choose.  The comments can range from appearance, color of hair, piercing, tattoos, weight, lifestyle, job, income, automobile or lack thereof, vocabulary, their home and even mental capacity.  There have been several postings on Facebook about this very topic.  For example, recently postings have said,”I am a girl.  I don’t need to be called a down’s syndrome girl.”  All the children are very cute and they shouldn’t be referred to that way.  When I wrote book twenty-two, I introduced a new character Katie, who coincidentally was in a wheelchair. When Sheriff Gus carried her into her first day of school, all the children were staring. Frankie, one of the students, immediately spoke up and said, “What are you all staring at? She is just a girl.” I felt that covered it all.