book311-gusandbart2-300x2401-150x150Fear is insidious. It has a way of creeping into your brain and distorting your thoughts. Sometimes fear is unwarranted and other times it is very real. People who live in a war zone live in fear 24/7. It must be physically exhausting not to mention what it does to a person’s health. Many individuals have fear that becomes a mental illness. They become afraid to leave their homes, or to shop or attend an event that is crowded. There are occasions where people fear other people. It could occur because the other person is verbally abusive, physically abusive, emotionally a/k/a psychologically in the form of threats, yelling,  shaming, humiliating just to name a few. There is also financial abuse where one person in a relationship restricts the access or cuts off all money to the other person. That then turns into complete control with no freedom or the chance of escape for the person without funds. As children, we probably had fear of our parents, guardians or relatives at one time or another. We were afraid of punishment, losing privileges, and the one I object to was bed with no dinner. I have known both children and adults, without the fear from either another person, or even every day life, could actually be happy if they were able to dispel their fears. There are people who have fear of anyone who is physically handicapped.  I have seen individuals go out of their way to avoid a person in a wheelchair. Its sad. When we are confronted with a dangerous situation, fear is normal. However it may interfere with thinking properly to extricate ourselves safely. There are people who make fun of individuals because their fears seem irrational to them. They really shouldn’t because one person’s fears  are a reality to them and should be at the expense of a laugh.  Making fun or joking about a person’s fears is unkind.  In the Good Gus Series there are several stories where fear is part of the story line.  When Gus’s cousin Cory doesn’t arrive on the appointed day, when Liam and Frankie explore an abandoned building, when Jimmy Ray rides a bucking bronco, when the grasshoppers fly through Pecos, when the earthquake strikes, and when Bart Bart rides into town are all stories with fear as an underlying factor.


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