flakesorrygood choiceI hate the word flake.  When a person messes up individuals often use that word to describe their behavior.  What is so aggravating is that whatever that individual was supposed to do, they didn’t.  So rather than call them out on their behavior, it is simply brushed off by, “Oh he or she is just a flake.”  It is a word that is used to cover a variety of behavior.  How often have you heard a person’s poor behavior excused with, “Oh he or she is just a flake.”  No that isn’t good enough.  The majority of adults have life experiences and have grown up with values, morals, ethics and an education.  To brush behavior off with the word flake is absolutely unacceptable.  Individuals are responsible for their actions.  They have free will and make decisions whether right or wrong.  It simply can’t be dismissed with being a flake.  No that isn’t good enough.   For example, working with a person that is often referred to as a flake.  This individual may arrive late always claiming car trouble, babysitter didn’t show up on time, or ??? It doesn’t matter.  They have responsibilities and should live up to their obligations.  It is unfair that because he or she has a bad car that anyone else in the workplace should cover for them, do their work, or even feel sorry for them.  Each and every person has their own difficulties in life and we all do the best we can.  The flake, however, seems to feel that they are exempt and therefore, everyone should accept their behavior.  If you go to a restaurant and the waiter or waitress is a flake do you feel comfortable with paying your bill?  They can be late with your food; it can be cold; or they can mix up your order.  Then, because everyone excuses their behavior, they can act goofy and say they are sorry.  Does it change anything?  Absolutely not as they will continue to act that way until some calls them on it.  In the Good Gus series, no one is a flake.  All the adults are responsible which is a valuable lesson to the young reader.  The children learn early on in the series the importance of listening to their parents and responsibility.  Don’t be a flake with the heirs of the trust or will, let them know how hard you work and how you really feel by visiting maecharlesbooks.com and reading “Misplaced Trust.” (books available on Kindle)