13-crowd-laugh2-300x2401-150x150kitchen-galsHappy Thanksgiving to everyone in the United States. Its a nice day to give thanks for everything good in our lives. Sadly, the need for consumerism overshadows the holiday. Almost every advertisement on the television is about shopping tonight and Black Friday. What is sad is that the people who wanted to have a day off and be with their families and friends can’t as they have to go to work.   I used to do a radio show in Las Vegas, Nevada. I wrote a Thanksgiving story entitled, “Teddy Escapes.” The story involves the people who live on Main Street in Pecos, Texas. While everyone is preparing for a Happy Thanksgiving, Nurse Joyce sees a large black cloud off in the distance. When she informs Sheriff Gus, he knows immediately that a dust storm is on its way and everyone must take cover immediately. Unfortunately, Heather, Charlie’s daughter, is watching a dog named Teddy who escapes from their home. She rushes out after him and in the process is blinded by the sand. Dr. Moore saves the day and everyone gathers to have a Happy thanksgiving. At the moment, there are people in the United States without power and possibly water. I doubt that they are thinking that is is a good Thanksgiving for them. I hope power and water return quickly. Tomorrow, beat the crowds and order on line your gifts for the children on your list from the Good Gus Series.