four leaf cloverhappyIrish sign This year I will not be in an Irish restaurant, listening to Irish music, as I am home celebrating St. Paddy’s Day with my family. The corned beef, and cabbage is cooking away in the crock pot as we speak. St. Paddy’s Day is one of the few days that everyone is Irish for a day. Anyone who is from Ireland or lived there can attest to that. The following day, at Dublin Airport, the ques are long for people returning to countries around the globe as the celebrations are wonderful in Ireland. For anyone who has not visited or lived in Ireland, the parades are great, the food is fabulous, and the singing is a great deal of fun. Not every pub or restaurant has a band or singing, but as anyone knows, if there is a piano and and a person who can play, put one Irish person or more near by and there will be singing. There was never a family event in my youth that didn’t involve a piano and singing.  Yes, I do have a piano. Of course, the worst part is I cannot carry a tune! Mary, from Mary’s Cafe, in the Good Gus Series, is originally from Holyoke, Massachusetts.  They have a huge celebration with a parade right before the big day.  Beginning tomorrow, pubs, and restaurants within the United States will start the countdown to the next St. Paddy’s Day.  One time when I was in the United States visiting my daughter, she took me to a lovely restaurant in Las Vegas that had a band right from my area.  One of the players lived about a block from me.  That was quite nice.  The food was excellent and everyone was from Ireland that worked in the restaurant.  Wherever you go today, enjoy a little corned beef or beef stew and do a little singing in honor of a  St. Paddy’s Day.  Don’t forget to enjoy your Irish bread.  Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone!