donald duckstingy signYesterday I heard John Tesh use the word stingy on his radio show while in my truck. At first when I heard I couldn’t believe it as its an old word. Have you ever met anyone you considered stingy? I certainly have known a few in my life time. What’s interesting about stingy people is that this trait is one that carries through on all levels of their personality. They are stingy with everything including their time, their feels, their goods, their money and their hearts. There are people who are cheap, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be generous on occasion and have strong feels about others. They can be kind and considerate just cheap with money. I remember a fellow I knew once who was horribly cheap, but not stingy. He was cheap on any and all products but on occasion he would give to charity and even pay for lunch. He loved his wife and family. I have no idea how his wife tolerated his cheapness. The dictionary includes mean spirited as one of the definitions. I didn’t realize that stingy people were that bad. the mean spirited goes a long way when you are trying to hurt a person. Its a significant part of who a stingy person really is. John Tesh didn’t dwell on, but I continued to think about it until I decided to writ this blog. I don’t really understand how a stingy person can have any joy in their lives. Their mean spirit has to interfere with anything positive. It makes me wonder how many friends a stingy person has and if they even enjoy gifts, a nice meal, a beautiful painting, a good conversation, a day at the beach and anything else positive that comes to mind.  Most people who are frugal, cheap, or misers aren’t necessary stingy.  They simply can’t part with money.  There are ways to be kind with money without necessarily being over generous.  for example you can donate time and clothes that no longer fit to charity.  In the Good Gus Series no one was stingy, cheap, or even ungenerous.  The entire town worked at a group to help each other and be there for one another.  Its a good lesson for young children.