Good Gus Characters

Reading – Nurse Joyce (future character in the Good Gus Series)

Nurse Joyce was introduced into the series in Book 7, “The New Library.” In real life Joyce is very busy doing promotions and when I am in San Diego at the Marine base, she always appears with me and Miss Patty, the school teacher. Recently Nurse Joyce was working at a large Action Hero Show in San Diego with several other men and women. Two of her co-workers, who each had one child, said they didn’t have time to read to their children. Nurse Joyce was absolutely flabbergasted at their remarks. She reads to her niece and nephew whenever she can. She simply couldn’t understand why the parents, both playing with their phones, the woman with perfectly manicured nails, the man with the body builder physique didn’t have time to read to their children. Next time when your children or grandchildren are bored, read to them. You will both enjoy it.