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Children with Disabilities Stories

614758_482217035123191_315651552_oWhen I first started writing the Good Gus Series, I had no idea how many stories I would write. As time went on, I met so many wonderful children that they inspired me to write thirty-five books. Book 22 of the Good Gus Series is entitled “The Special Field Trip.” I developed a new character because I had read an article about a beautiful little girl in her wheel chair. I felt it was important that children with disabilities be given as many opportunities as possible while growing up to participate in as many childhood activities as children without disabilities. In Book 22 of the Good Gus Series, “The Special Field Trip” I introduced Katie who was confined to a wheel chair. She continued to appear in other stories as well. On her first day at school,  she was very nervous like any other child at a new school  Her brother, Andy, along with Sheriff Gus, and the twins J.C. and Bronco, rode with her to the school house.  The twins went inside and then Sheriff Gus and Andy brought Katie into the classroom.  Miss Patty introduced the two new students and everyone stared at the wheelchair and Katie.  She felt very self conscious until one of the twins said, “What are y’all staring at?  She’s just a girl!”  That broke the ice and by recess she was one of the class with no notice of her disability.  In fact, the boys fought over who would help her.  I know that isn’t how it is in real life, but I wanted children to  recognize that everyone has the same fears with or without disabilities.  I felt it was important that all children understand and be treated nicely regardless of who they are. I discovered when checking various online stores that sell children’s books, that there are very few books available for children with disabilities. The books I did find were single books and not part of a series.  I hope as my books are published that both children and parents will enjoy the Good Gus Books and all its characters.

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