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Cooking with Kids

Cooking with children can be fun and somewhat messy. In the Good Gus series the twins, J.C. and Bronco help their Ma in the kitchen but don’t actually cook. They also pick vegetables from a garden they planted with their parents.  They learn how to help their parents in their parents restaurant, Mary’s Cafe’.  They were also taught how to set a table, clean up when people are finished eating, serve food, wash dishes and sweep the floor.    When my children were young I loved cooking with them. At that time there were very few cookbooks for children. Many of the books were so simple that my children felt they were “babyish.” A term every parent is familiar with I am sure!  A few of the cookbooks gave ideas of how to make foods that if you expanded the ingredients slightly, would be quite tasty. As a parent, you had to make it up as you went along. One of my favorite ways was to find recipes that were their favorite foods and then simply them so we could all cook together. Sometimes the food was fabulous and other times it was awful. Cooking with Kids, however, is far more rewarding than the actual cooking. Its all about the fun and family time together. If you don’t always have the free time to cook with your children, then take a few minutes and read one of my books to them or with them. You will surely enjoy it.




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