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1-gus2-300x2401-150x150In the news today were various articles covering the earthquake in the Bay area of California.  Whenever an earthquake hits, it is unnerving for both adults and children. I have been in minor ones in two different states; once in New Hampshire and several in the greater San Diego, California area. My children actually slept through the California earthquakes. One day, as I was reading about a minor earthquake in Southern California, it occurred to me that a book about earthquakes for children might be of help to them and alleviate their fears. I wrote Book 7, of the Good Gus Series, “The New Library,” to cover that very topic. The title is deceiving but I always like to incorporate reading into my stories whenever possible. Since Pecos is in Texas, most people would think that they never have earthquakes. However, they do but on an infrequent basis. The earthquakes in Texas have initiated from the Big Bend area running as far as the Dallas Ft. Worth area. In Book 7, “The New Library” an earthquake strikes the town of Pecos. No one was injured but everyone was afraid. There was damage to the town, such as broken windows, items falling off of shelves,  and a few trees up rooted. When Sheriff Gus explains that the event was an earthquake, everyone wants to know how he knew that it was an earthquake. His reply was simple, “I read about earthquakes in a book.”  This naturally led to the towns people wanting to learn more.  One of the Good Gus characters, Mary had visited a library when she was in England.  She loved the concept of being able to go to a place and read books and study new topics.  She had asked the residents at a town  meeting if they would consider the idea. No one in the town had been to a library and most of them had never even heard of libraries or their wonderful benefits. Everyone in the town pitched in to build the new library.  Once the shelves were built, the children started placing the books on the shelves.  It was while the children were stacking the books that the earthquake struck.  I hope as you browse through the currently published books, you will look forward to reading “The New Library.”

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