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Smile Mae Charles

13-crowd-laugh2-300x2401-150x1501381792_688238841187675_2137933367_nA smile is free. Most people love to smile. Even when you are having a difficult day or dealing with someone who is not as pleasant as they should be, sometimes a simple smile turns the situation around. The characters in my books, the Good Gus Series, smile frequently. I wanted children to see happy faces as much as possible. I hoped that as they read my books, that their faces would light up when they saw a happy face. I was doing my usual grocery shopping Saturday in a large discount store when a little boy walked up to me and smiled. At first I didn’t notice him as I was busy trying to find baking powder. Then I saw him and smiled back and said hello. His face was a ray of sunshine. Then his dad, who was about three feet away called him back to their trolley. The aisles are not extremely wide so at any moment the dad could easily grab him. I smiled at the dad who just nodded. It is very sad that there are so many pedophiles and generally bad people that a simple gesture of smiling and saying hello makes parents afraid. I understand as I have grown children and was always nervous around strangers. Nurse Joyce said I have an aura that children automatically know I am always happy to see them. When you have the opportunity to read one of my books, I hope that both you and your children will smile.

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