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Cowboys and Cowgirls

Whenever anyone thinks about cowboys and cowgirls, they automatically think of Texas or the western part of the United States. In reality there are cowboys all around the world. If you google ranches, you will be surprised at how many countries have large cattle ranches with cowboys.  Many children love old west stories about cowboys, but very few girls realize that there were cowgirls as well. Being a cowboy or cowgirl isn’t about wearing the boots or a big hat.   Cowgirls did as much hard work as the cowboys.  Maybe they didn’t go along on cattle drives, but they rode horses, tended to farms, and took care of their families.  In my book, “The Cattle are Restless,” the cowboys have their hands full when it looks like the cattle are going to stampede.  Sheriff Gus and his cousin Cory have to help save the town and keep everyone safe. One of the favorite pastimes of cowboys is bull riding.  Believe it or not, cowgirls ride bulls.  Although there are only a few who are brave enough to ride bucking broncos.  There is only one professional female bull rider currently in the United States, Maggie Parker.  Polly Reichs was the first woman to ever compete in the Professional Bull Riders competition.  She expressed that the first time she rode, the male bull riders of the Professional Bull Riders were gentlemen to her.They treated her simply as another8b8a5015-b364-49e9-8601-05923879bbe1Good Gus Books, Children Books, Cowboys competitor. Brazilian cowboys hold many of the Professional Bull Riders titles.  In my book, “Johnny the Cat and Bronco, Ride that Bull,” the first rodeo ever held in the United States was in Pecos, Texas, where the twin boys, Johnny and Jimmy Ray sneak off to see what bull riding is all about and end up in a bit of trouble. Next time you are thinking about reading an old west story, or a book about cowboys please check out “The Cattle are Restless,” and Johnny the Cat and Bronco Ride that Bull.”