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Children Who are Sick

Today I read an article about an organization that helps children who are sick. My daughter sent me an story about Angel Rayne, a beautiful baby from Kansas City. Her family and the are raising funds so her parents can take her to Boston, Massachusetts for a heart operation. They have only raised $545.00 so far and need much more to transport her to a hospital in Boston,  Massachusetts. Articles about children who are sick and in need of special medical procedures saddens me as I know how much the parents want their child to live, be healthy, and free from pain. When I see sweet little girl like Angel Rayne, I find it difficult to understand why when children are in ill, that the help they need isn’t available to them. Children are our treasures and should be treated as such. If this baby was the child of a celebrity or someone very important, she would have all the funding she needs and probably would have already had her heart operation.  I understand that many celebrities quietly raise funds for children.  Frank Sinatra, for example, raised billions for charity and very few people were aware of his wonderful efforts.  I am hoping that a famous person, celebrity, or even a billionaire such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, or anyone   that has the ability to raise funds will notice the article about Angel Rayne and come to her aid.  People around the world are always generous to others when they need help.  As this is my birthday week-end, that is my wish.  The next time you look at your children while reading from the Good Gus Series,  who are happy and healthy, remember to remind yourself how truly fortunate you are.  1-gus2-300x2401-150x150-large1393092_688239021187657_1888429745_n

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