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Birthday The Uninvited Guest

mae_horseToday is my birthday so I decided to write about one of my stories that turned out to be my favorite after I wrote it, “The Uninvited Guest”. The story centers around the twins, J.C. and Bronco’s birthday. The whole town is in Pecos, Texas  for their celebration. Everyone who knows the boys and their parents, Mary and Fred Band, bring homemade food, tasty treats, along with lovely presents. The boys are very excited about their birthday although they notice a color theme when they open their presents. When their dad, Fred, slips away to bring the boys their presents to the party, he disappears for a long time. No one notices at first, but after a while Mary begins to wonder where he is as she wants to bring out the cakes for their boys. She is also very excited about their presents for their sons. She quietly asks Sheriff Gus to look around and see just where Fred disappeared to.   Sheriff Gus leaves the party on a pretense and begins looking for Fred.  When he finds Fred he also finds an uninvited guest to the party. What makes it so difficult is that guest has absolutely no intention of leaving the party. How the problem of making the uninvited guest leave proves to be very interesting to the party goers and the birthday boys. Sheriff Gus’s cousin, Cory is also there and tries to lend a hand, only to have it go not exactly the way he and Gus plan to solve the problem. Of course, like all my stories, there is always a happy ending. I hope, when you have the opportunity, when “The Uninvited Guest” is published you will enjoy reading it to your children and they will also enjoy reading it to themselves.