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381456_599136753431218_1471522940_nkitchen_copper_potsI Blog, Twitter and Facebook just about every day except for this past Thursday and Friday as I sliced my thumb open while grating Parmesan Cheese.  I had made Jamie Oliver’s Pasta Carbonera which requires Parmesan cheese.  I prefer freshly grated rather than packaged.  I feel that it makes the overall dish taste better.  I was grating a large block of cheese.  As I grated up and down suddenly there was a slice which opened up my thumb.  There was blood everywhere.  What was amazing was there was none onthe food!  Many times when I have cooked with my children, I have always been so careful and never thought for one minute that they or myself could have such a nasty wound.  As I type, it is still very sore.  I realize that this doesn’t really have much to do with the Good Gus Series, but at the same time, its a tip for the parents who do cook or teach their children how to cook.  There appears to be products with guards on the graters.  There is also a nice product that is mechanical.  You cut off a piece of cheese, put it into a cylinder, then close the lid and crank the handle.  It sounds easy enough and is very safe for children.  I do not recommend the standing grater as that is how I sliced my thumb. The openings was so bad, the doctor couldn’t even stitch it.  He was very nice and examined it quite thoroughly before deciding to use sutures.  Actually, the entire staff at Urgent Care in Hixson, Tennessee were very kind and helpful.  As you browse through my currently published books thinking about cooking, the kitchen and cooking utensils, check out Mary’s Cafe which appears in many of the stories and the assistance the twins, Johnny the Cat and Bronco provide  in helping their parents.

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