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Hot Chocolate

hot_chocolate_drink_kaffeekaennchenI love hot chocolate. I think most people really enjoy it when it tastes good. It’s my favorite cool weather drink. There are so many versions of hot chocolate that, in my opinion, homemade is always the best. I even named Sheriff Gus’s horse Cocoa. Its also Gus’s favorite warm drink. When I first thought of Sheriff Gus’s horse’s name, I thought about foods or drinks that children like. Naturally, as it is my favorite, hot chocolate came into my mind first. I made Sheriff Gus’s horse a dark brown like hot chocolate with a white streak on his nose like marshmallow. That is almost a direct quote from my books. When I read to children and say Gus’s horse is named Cocoa I explain why. I always use my other hand to make the white streak on my own nose. The children always smile each time I do it. When I talk about it to anyone, I automatically do the white streak on my nose with my hand. Hot chocolate is always a favorite when camping although its not quite as tasty as its usually made with water so it seems kind of thin. When my son was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, I used Stevia to make hot chocolate on the cold nights when he needed a bedtime snack. Then instead of a marshmallow which would be too much sugar, I used whipped cream (sorry to say) from a can. It kept the carbohydrates to a minimum. When he would have camp out in the back yard/garden, I made it for his friends. They all enjoyed it as well. Some of the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted was in Italy. It is so thick a spoon will stand up in it. It is, however, quite delicious. When you see a picture of Gus riding his horse Cocoa, in any one of my books, I hope you will enjoy the name of his horse along with some hot chocolate.

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