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The Circus

Good Gus Books, Children Books, Cattle Are Restlessbook3-largeAlmost everyone loves the circus. The first time I went to the circus was when I took my two children. We had a fabulous time. Two of the real life characters from the Good Gus Series, Mary, from Mary’s Cafe’ and Glenn, whom you will meet eventually in my books as the Rev. Glenn. It was really amazing to my children to see all the tricks the animals performed. We had close to ring side seats so they were aware of everything. My son’s favorite  performer was Gunther Gebel-Williams who was an animal trainer for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily Circus. When he retired from the professional world, he took a management position at Animal Care for the circus. My son was so impressed with his skills that he spoke about him for almost an entire year. Every time we played a game such as Twenty Questions, you would always know that Gunther was the person he was thinking of. When I decided to write “The Circus Comes to Pecos” it was a reminder of that wonderful performance. I did a different twist in that before the circus opened in Pecos, Texas, there was a parade up Main Street with all the performers and many of the animals. The animals were in cages drawn by horses. I included an elephant, a giraffe, an old lion and a camel.  Only the giraffe and lion were in cages.  Sheriff Gus was riding his horse, Cocoa, up and down the street to make sure everything went smoothly.  All of a sudden there is a commotion and Sheriff Gus ends up saving the day.  It turns out to be a great day in Pecos and the entire town and its surrounding residents loved the circus.  Even Sheriff Gus and his cousin, Cory, performed rope tricks.  You can meet Cory in book 2, “The Cattle are Restless”  Book 3, “Cory Returns, or in the Christmas book, “The Special Gift.

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