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National Coffee Day

Good Gus Books, Cory Returns, Children StoryCoffee potI did not know that there was a National Coffee Day I also didn’t know that many companies are giving free coffee today. I really love coffee. I started drinking it when I was three years old. I lived with my grandparents and it was their staple hot drink except for tea in the afternoon. When I was young they would bring me and my curly haired doll to the beach. Our picnic lunch always consisted of crab meat sandwiches and coffee prepared with cream and sugar. During those years there were no coolers so my grandmother wrapped the hot coffee in a glass jug wrapped in  two hot towels. It was always really tasty. It’s still one of my favorite meals today. Coffee was a staple in the old west as well. The cowboys, particularly on the cattle drives, drank hot coffee with their meals at the campfires.  There are no pictures of the old fashioned coffee pots in any of the Good Gus Series books.  Even in book three, “Cory Returns,”  as Sheriff Gus, Cory and Ray the Blacksmith sit by the camp fire, I was negligent in that I did not have the illustrator add a coffee pot.  All the old western movies and television shows had a coffee pot on their camp fires.  When anyone  from the old west went into a restaurant, one of the first questions the waitress would ask would be “Coffee?” Even today, in the movies or television shows, if a character sits down at a diner, the “Coffee” questions along with a cup and saucer is offered first.  Have you ever gone camping and made hot coffee?  Even the instant version somehow tastes great.  When your thoughts travel to the old west, cowboys, cowgirls, or even camping, and you are looking for a different western style book to read to a child, please consider the Good Gus Series.  Happy National Coffee Day!