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12429_599134470098113_869799171_n298229_599137270097833_880461054_nToday I read a wonderful article on Yahoo about cowgirls. I really loved the article as the author took her thirteen year old daughter to a dude ranch in Colorado. Her daughter continued on with the article about her take on their family vacation. It was especially interesting coming from a teenager’s point of view.  When my children were young, whenever their friends from other areas would come to visit us in Texas, one of the activities we always did was horse back riding or visiting a dude ranch for a day.  The guests always enjoyed it although most of the boys and girls were afraid of riding the horses.  Texas is known for its hospitality and friendliness so whenever the guests were attending the dude ranch for the day, the staff seemed to go out of their way to make sure the children had a wonderful time.  The Yahoo author’s teenage daughter actually adjusted to no cell phone or texting for a week.  One of her comments were that at the end of the day, you fell right off to sleep as you were really tired.  In the Good Gus Series, I had originally thought that the stories should be exclusively for boys.  However, I realized that there were girls, and cowgirls at that, in the old west.  I also learned very quickly that girls loved my stories just as much if not more than the boys.  I wrote one story especially for two girls, Haley and Heather.  The book is entitled “Girls Rule.”  They were the early cowgirls.  They learn how to ride really well and when they participate in the town race around the Pecos River, the boys are very surprised at the girls’ riding skills.  By now you are aware that horses are a regular character of almost every book I have written.  I hope you will consider the books in the Good Gus Series and  translate a possible interest in horses to a cowgirl or even a cowboy!

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