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Roller Coasters

con-switchbackrwyfair6_smallDo you like roller coasters? Its one of those amusement park rides that you either love or hate. It appears that around the world, companies are trying to outdo each other with faster roller coasters. Another ride that is not for the weak at heart is the Ferris wheel. The global businesses are again trying to top each other with the tallest wheels. There are businesses that travel around the world with small portable amusement rides. They also have small petting zoos for the young children. I have written two books involving small traveling amusement carnivals also known as fairs.  Many states have state fairs. Texas, for example, has a wonderful state fair every October.  In my first book, “Grasshoppers Go Home,” the town of Pecos sets out to duplicate the Texas State Fair even though most of the towns folks had never attended it.  They had a town meeting and people agreed on home made games that all the children could have fun with.  They set the date for a Saturday and even some of the families as well as the soldiers came up from Ft. Stockton to attend the Pecos carnival.  It was a beautiful day when all of a sudden Heather noticed a large black cloud heading towards Pecos.  When she told Sheriff Gus, he stood on a rock to see more clearly. He knew immediately that trouble was on its way.  Everyone pitched in and weathered the black cloud, but the first Pecos Fair was ruined.  The second time they decided to have a go at it again is in book 15, “Girls Rule.”  This time its a huge success. Of course, they didn’t have a roller coaster or tall Ferris wheel, but they did have fun making the games and playing them.  When you talk to your children or grandchildren about the “good old days”  remembering happy times,  please include the Good Gus Series in your conversations.

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