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Good Gus Books, Children Books, CowboysWords and sign language are our best forms of communication. They are expressed from the heart which is  very important. Words can express a variety of emotion. If you say something and accent the words a certain way, you may hurt someone’s feelings. Occasionally, people do say words to be unkind or even cruel. Their goal is to hurt the other person. If you are having a bad day and say something kind to the person at the bank, the post or a shop, you brighten their day as well as your own. Children observe how we speak and our words. Sometimes words are said which our grandmother would have chimed, “Your mouth needs to be washed out with soap!” Those are the words that children seem to pick up early on and find it hilarious when they use them. Adults usually laugh which gives the children a great deal of attention, particularly young children. I didn’t hear my grandmother swear until I was about twelve. I have to admit I was really shocked. She was in the kitchen muttering to herself while cleaning up after a meal. I guess she was annoyed with the cleaning or the lack of appreciation by the rest of the family for one of her fine meals. When we speak words to our children, do you ever notice how they clearly hear some words but not others? When you say to a child, rake the leaves, clean up your room, make your bed, magically they don’t seem to hear us. Yet, when you call them for dinner they come running! In Book four, “J.C. and Bronco Ride that Bull” the twin boys, Johnny and Jimmy Ray hear their Ma tell them not to go down by the rodeo while it is being set up. They then proceed to race down the street, and magically do not hear their dad call out to them. As you look at the Good Gus Series, Book four, “J.C. and Bronco Ride that Bull,” the story may show your child or children the importance of listening to your words.

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