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966928_611875372157356_1052085041_ogg2-300x211Trust is one of the premises of life. I have heard it said that trust is a matter of circumstances. That is true sometimes, but not always. We trust people every day throughout our daily lives. When you ship a package, place an order on line, buy a product with a warranty in a store – all transactions have trust as the basis for the occurrence.  We trust our teachers to give our children a good education; doctors and nurses to make us well; the military to protect us and keep us safe and many more individuals and services.  Sadly, people trust other people who use that trust to scam or cheat them out of their homes, money, possessions, and even their inheritance. Children tend to trust everyone. For the most part that is good. However, there are unscrupulous people who take advantage of that trust. When I use the words trust is a matter of circumstances, many times its just that. Let’s say you give a sum of money to a friend to hold for a period of time. Your goal is that when you need it, they will be able to give it to you, send it to you or use it for a purchase because you are unavailable. Things may go along fine for a while. However, when the the holder of the money suddenly has a financial issue, its quite possible that that money would disappear.  Have you noticed that animals sense mistrust?  They are usually right. In the old west trust was many times a matter of circumstances. The towns people depended upon the stage coach services for supplies and necessary items. The majority of time they paid for the goods or services in advance and trusted the company and driver to deliver the goods. Unfortunately, robbers had other ideas and often held up stage coaches, trains, and people. Fortunately, in the town of Pecos, Texas none of that occurred. Sheriff Gus protected the town and Ray, the blacksmith, and Fred who helped run Mary’s Cafe’ with his wife, Mary, assisted him to make sure that Pecos was crime free. I hope you will consider reading one of the Good Gus Series books that optimizes trust as a positive influence for the child or children in your life.

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